Awakening: A Near Future SciFi Thriller Book 1

Awakening: A Near Future SciFi Thriller Book 1
Series: Near Future, Book 1
Genres: Near Future, SciFi, Thriller
Tag: Recommended Books
Length: Novel
In this near future SciFi Thriller, a young woman has been awakened from a coma after nearly two years. Miranda Summerlin finds that she has been treated with nanites that give her special abilities that no one else has. She plans to attend the nearby Space Academy where she intends to keep every thing low key. Of course she's doomed to fail at those intentions.
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A young woman awakens from a coma and finds she has special abilities and with that special challenges!

In this near future SciFi Thriller novel, a young woman has been awakened from a coma after nearly two years. Miranda Summerlin finds that she has been given nanites that have given her enhanced mental abilities and extraordinary hand-to-eye coordination. She attends the nearby Space Academy where she uses her mental genius to work on cutting edge astrophysics and she joins the school shooting competition team after discovering she can hit wherever she aims at on a target. Intending to keep her skills low key, Miranda must step up to prevent a terrorist attack against the school that only she has the skills to do so.

Miranda has also drawn the attention of a girl on the soccer team who becomes her nemesis at the school. While playing pool at a school party, Miranda lets her irritation with her nemesis cause her to let some of her skills slip thru to others. But Miranda will soon be faced with the need to use many of her skills and in so doing, Miranda will come to the attention of her real nemesis, a rogue Organization that wants her nanites. She will need help to escape from their agent. In the process, she will discover her true identity. But what is the cost for her rescue? How will she deal with the Organization?

>>>The first in the Near Future series, Awakening is a near future sci-fi thriller in a world that combines science that just might be possible soon with psychic visions and an evil Organization that is backed by an unknown power.

Coming soon, Book 3 in the series and a novella too!

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