Work in Progress

Most of the Near Future series is in varying levels of completion.Click here to check out the books in the series!

Future books still on the drawing board include an alternate time line that explores a what if one event in Julie’s life was very different and what would be the effect. What if Julie’s parents hadn’t answer her VR call and had gotten on the plane that crashed? The world would become very different without her father’s work with Space Tech. Julie wouldn’t have been injured in an attack and her father wouldn’t have been there to give her nanites. But Julie’s psychic abilities would have developed much sooner. She would see a terrible event in that alternate future that would require all of her abilities. Would she be able to save the world? Would she still get together with Zeke?

The other set of books planned will follow Juliette after she wins her space race and goes to the Space Academy pilot school as well as her team that consists of her brother, their two best friends, and her cat Storm that is a space cat. We will follow them in their trials and adventures as they battle with the latest version of the real evil Organization. Plus we finally get to meet our “friends” who have been assisting us, who we see very briefly in Juliette’s space race.

So lots of near future Sci-fi thrillers to come. Sign up for the Newsletter to keep up to date and you will know when the new books are coming out!

I also have in the works what I am calling a Psychic Triller, for want of a better term. In this story, we have Jacob who has been falsely imprisoned for killing his wife. He is given a special gift due to an attack in the prison which leaves him with a head injury. Jacob is able to see the immediate future as probabilities of achieving his goal and thus is able to choose the one most likely to give him his desired result. He uses this ability to escape from prison and set himself up on a remote island in order to search for his wife’s killer. I promise the killer is not a one-armed man! Jacob is pursued by Cassie, the FBI agent who always gets her man. In this case, she may get more that she intends. Will Jacob find his wife’s killer and the real man and organization behind him? Will Jacob and Cassie join forces in the future to fit the organization together?? Sounds like a potential series to me.

I’m still thinking on the concepts of a other possible books or series, all of which are in early development. Stay in touch to learn more about them.