Cover for Defenders of the Rim: Badlands

Defenders of the Rim: Badlands is coming soon!
I just had to show off the cover to the my new book. I’m really excited about how it turned out. When I wrote about the area of space called the Badlands that is central to this book, I pictured total chaos, with crazy energy streams and twisted space with rogue moons and debris scattered within. The cover captured that feeling completely, almost like we were there looking at it, somewhere in that far future.

Carrying on where we left off with Book 1 in the Far Future series, our young heroes are out to save the galaxy again. You can only imagine the difficulties the area of space called the Badlands is going to present to our young heroes. Each must grow in their abilities and in their strength of character. That’s before we throw in the rebels, the aliens, and the pirates they’ll have to battle once again if they are to survive.

Just to make it more interesting, there’s more than one group of aliens interested in the outcome. They’re followers of the Prophecies left by the Forerunners. Prophecies in particular about the One, the human with the yellow hair, and her growing group of friends and team members. The fate of all life in the galaxy may well depend on them.