I’m quite excited. Origins is in the final countdown. It should go live on Amazon this week. I’ll be sure to put up a later post with a link to purchase the book.

Origins is in some ways a prequel to the Near Future Series.  It is my attempt to go back and give a little history.  But I wanted to make it much more than that.

Origins also lays more of the foundation for the next book in the Near Future Series, Alternate, the book that examines the alternate future we first learned about in Book 3, Ascendancy.

But that’s still not all.  Origins hints at the connection between the Near Future Series, which you’re reading now, and the Far Future Series, my new series that looks much farther into the future. Defenders of the Rim: Beginnings is the first book in that series and that book is available now. Later, I’ll be doing more to tie the two series together, but you’re going to have to be patient before you can discover all of it.

It is my hope that the mystery will only make it more fun.